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Jonathan Larsen

IT Professional

Jonathan Larsen
United States (Oregon)
Professional Status
About Me
Well-rounded System Administrator with focus on customer success and training.
  • Administered ~100 geographically distributed CentOS and Debian virtual servers hosted with OpenVZ.
  • Implemented and managed network monitoring services, distributed management and IT automation.
  • Monitored infrastructure using snmp, agents, plugins and log collection with OpenNMS
  • Managed server configurations and configuration deployments using cfEngine.
  • Migrated configuration management from cfEngine to Puppet and increased the scope to allow deployment and configuration of new servers with minimum manual intervention and configuration.
Detailed Description
  • Implemented high availability fail-over with DRBD and Heartbeat for redundant OpenVZ hosts.
  • Led implementation of highly availabile PostgreSQL servers hosting telecom switching/billing data for production environment